30 Years of Doing Business the RIGHT way

Whaley Steel is a world-class provider of reinforcing steel installations, structural steel erections and metal deck & shear developer placements. Founded in a small town in Michigan over 35 years ago by Linda Whaley, her goal was to create a company that would continue to grow every year at a pace that would not force her to sacrifice her commitment to perfection in project management and safety. 

The industry has changed quite a bit since Linda started the company, through tough economical climates, increasing regulations, and growing competition, but the mantra lives on.  When you work with Whaley Steel, you will notice that they are not a Giant in the industry, but what it is lacking in size, is made up for several times over in commitment, dedication, and expertise.  Instead of a number on a list, you will be the center of our attention, making sure that no stone goes unturned.

New Horizons

Over the past 10 years, Whaley Steel has slowly been making a transition into a brand new territory for the company.  Heading for warmer pastures, Whaley has recently opened an office in Houston, Texas to make a central point of contact for all projects in the southern region.  Although the office is new, it is spearheaded by a team of experts that have spent their lives working in that region. In fact, our management team in Houston has over 100 years of managing projects in that region.  Whaley looks forward to building lasting partnerships with companies in this new region, for many years to come.